Baby and Pre School

Baby Beginners – 8 Weeks – 10 months (approx)

We take a very gentle relaxing approach to your baby’s water development, nothing is forced, we adapt our lessons to your child and how they are reacting to the water. We will teach you how to swim with your baby, as well as enhancing the bond and communication between and you and your little one. Please don’t worry if you are not a strong swimmer our pool doesn’t have a deep end and you won’t be asked to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Baby Movers – 10 weeks – 2 years approx.

We start to bring in a little more energy into the lessons and really start to develop your childs water safety skills. We understand that your baby will becoming more aware and really encourage swimming through play, songs and fun.

Little Seals – 2 years – 4 years with a parent in the water

Our Toddler lessons are fun and energetic as this is key to help maintain and grow water confidence. We focus on core swimming skills such as breath control, body position and co-ordination. We help to achieve skills through fun and interactive games such as blast off’s, blowing and pushing toys across the pool, sleeping bunnies and motor boat motor boat. We also start to encourage independent swims on woggles and pushes from the wall to parents.

Dolphins – 3-4 years no parent in the water

Our Dolphin lessons are perfect for parents who are unable to come into the water for any reason, it’s also a good progression ready for when children start school and start normal swimming lessons where parents do not go into the water. The lesson will be with an instructor in the water and children will use woggles, Swim Fins and arm disks as buoyancy aids. The lessons continue to be fun focusing on water safety and building technique to progress to independent swimming. Parents are able to come onto poolside to watch and support.

  • We are more than happy for children to wear goggles from 3 years onwards
  • All babies until potty trained must wear a Happy Nappy swim costume