Pre School

Baby Swimmers

Start your child’s swim journey in positive way in a wonderful Hydro Pool which is set at 32-34 degrees, this helps to create a relaxing, warm and happy place to swim, build water confidence and bond with your baby. Here we will teach different kinds of holds, take short swims underwater and help their natural reflexes come to life.

Baby Beginners 8 weeks – 9/12 months
Baby Movers 9 months – 20/24 months

Little Seals

Toddler lessons are fun and energetic as this is key to help maintain and grow water confidence. We focus on core swimming skills such as breath control, body position and co-ordination. We help to achieve skills through fun and interactive games such as blast off’s, blowing and pushing toys across the pool, sleeping bunnies and motor boat motor boat. We also start to encourage independent swims on woggles and pushes from the wall with no aids to parents.

1.5 – 3 Years

Dolphins with a parent in the water

Our pre-school lessons with parents in the water are a continuation of fun and confidence building but breaking down the core skills a little more to really start to focus on technique and co-ordination. Depending on the child’s ability we will use either woggles or Swim Fins as buoyancy aids. We will give children the opportunity to swim without aids if we feel they are ready, it’s a very exciting time.

3 – 4 Years

Dolphins no parent in the water

The pre-school lessons with no parent in the water are ideal for families with parents who are unable to come into the water for any reason, it’s also a good progression ready for when children start school and start normal swimming lessons where parents do not go into the water. The lesson with be with an instructor in the water and children will use woggles, Swim Fins and floats as buoyancy aids.

3 – 4 Years

Please note the age ranges are just a guide if you are unsure of which class to choose please email