School Age Swimmer

Orca Beginners (Entry level is 4+ Years)

This is our school age beginners class, we aim to build water confidence, and work on the core skills such as breath control, body position and co-ordination. We use woggles, Swim Fins and floats as buoyancy aids and there is also an instructor in the water. We aim for our children to achieve their Octopus 3 badge and swim 10m on their front and back before we move them into the Improver’s class

Orca Improver’s

Children in this class are able to swim 10m on their front and 10m on their back and know the basics of breastroke and dolphin kick. We focus on improving existing technique and learning new skills such as sit dives, push and glides with roles, treading water and dives to pick up objects. We also start to swim further distances and water safety.

Orca Advanced

Swimmers in this class swim full lengths of the pool and really start to build stamina and technique as well as water safety. There is more emphasis on perfecting all four of the competitive swimming strokes and well as learning new skills such as diving.

Orca Experts

Our swimmers in this class can comfortably swim 3-4 lengths non stop and are fairly competent in all four of the competitive strokes. We continue to focus on stamina and technique but start to introduce more water safety skills such as entering the water safely, reach and rescue, treading water and an introduction to towing. We try to make this class fun and not just about swimming up and down a pool. We also start to work on competitive starts and turns.

For all of our classes we use the Swimming Teachers Association Learn to Swim Framework for Badges and Certificates

All classes have a maximum of 6 children per class and last for half an hour
If you are unsure of which class to choose please email