School Age Swimmers

Why is it so important for your child to swim?

Tragically, drowning is still the third highest cause of accidental death in the UK, but that’s not the only reason to teach your child to swim. You’ll give them the gift of a lifelong enjoyable activity that will help them keep fit and healthy, as well as improve enjoyment of holidays and prepare them for a whole host of potential water sports. Swimming also offers a unique bonding experience and is one of those few leisure activities that people of all ages can do together.

What to expect from our lessons

All children will be taught the Core Aquatic skills which include: entry and exits, breath control, body position, buoyancy, balance, horizontal rotation and co-ordination and water safety. For all lessons we will be following the Swimming Teachers Association International Learn to Swim Programme, please see the awards tab for extra details. Our key aim is for your child to learn to swim but to also have fun and want to come back the following week!


During their time in these classes children will learn safe entries and exits, body position through push and glides, breath control, floatation and rotation. We will be following the Octopus Series of awards and will use various equipment in a progressive manner to aid swimming. All 4 strokes will be introduced and the end goal is for children to swim unaided and to have fun!


Here we will start to build more on technique, body position and breath control and floatation building on all of the skills they have learnt so far. We will also help swimmers to experience the deep end and submerging to retrieve objects. Floats are the main items of equipment we will use, but the goal will be for swimmers to swim a further distance unaided. We will be following the STA Goldfish and Angel Fish Awards as well as distance awards.


Q: What does my child need to wear?

A: A normal swim suite or swim shorts are fine, preferably nothing too baggy as this could weigh your child down. If your child is prone to getting cold then we would advise using a wetsuite with short sleeves and short legs.

Q: Will you provide hats?

A: Yes we will provide your child with a hat, it isn’t essential that they wear it but it could help to keep their hair from obstructing their eyes.

Q: Can my child wear goggles?

A: We are not a school who believe your child should not wear goggles, if it helps them to swim then yes we are happy for your child to wear goggles. We might do some water safety lessons where we will ask children not to wear goggles but only with your consent

Q: What equipment will you use?

A: All equipment is provided by us, we have floats, woggles, sinkers and toys

Q: Will you be in the water?

A: For the beginners and improver’s we will be in the water until Ii feel they are ready for us to teach from the side. For the advanced lessons we will mainly teach from the side unless doing demonstrations in the water

Q: How much do the certificates and badges cost?

A: £2.50 this will include both the certificate and the badge

Q: When will my child be assessed?

A: Assessment will be continuous, we don’t believe in having a specific week or day to carry out assessments as you might not be able to attend or your child could be ill

Q: Can I watch my child swim?

A: Please can we ask that you do stay and watch your child to swim. Please note no outdoor footwear is allowed on the poolside so please bring flipflops if you do not wish to be bare foot. There is no actual seating put the side will be dry

Q: Is there car parking?

Yes there is a car park at the centre, please can we ask that you do use the car park and not the side road as tractors need to pass.

Q: Are there lockers?

A: Yes there are lockers which are free of charge

Q: If your child is ill?

If your little one is ill or has a contagious illness i.e. chickenpox, conjunctivitis or sickness/diarrhoea it is not advisable to come swimming.

Q: What if a class is postponed or cancelled?

A: We will do our best to keep all classes running, however, if for any reason we cannot run a class we will inform you as soon as possible via a note on our facebook page and also via email. We will endeavour to reschedule your class for the same day of the week at a near time to your current class. In this instance if we have been able to re-schedule for the same day of the week which you usually swim and within 2 hours of your normal class time and alternative classes are offered no refunds will be given.

In the event of us having to cancel a class we will issue a credit against your next term’s classes or credit you with the money via a cheque.